EMIC composition, microorganic compost, agricultural machinery for a sustainable agriculture and biological technology

A leading enterprise in creating burning materials from risk husks and manufacturing high-capacity water filters

A project to recycle biological waste to produce burning material for smart cookers

A top Vietnamese enterprise in producing and installing bamboo flooring products and furnitures to replace products from the depleting wood resources

A center that developed the automatic climate weather station of iMetos technology, together with software and practical application development to contribute to the mitigation and adaptation of regional natural disasters.

An introduction and selling destination of sustainable products and services, the rendezvous of responsible smart consumers, and the incubator of innovative technologies and ideas.

Researches, develops and produces line of automatic adobe brick molding machines to produce products for low-income people

Provides customers with high-quality, completely safe and reliable organic products.

A leading company specializing in providing solutions for solar energy, wind energy, independent solar generator and solar power grid.

Research and development of production and supply of biological preparations production for agriculture

A project to develop clean, energy-saving cookers for the poor

Produce revolutionary and environmental-friendly gas cookers with high capacity that fits into the budget of low-income people

An optimal lighting solution for fishing boats

Creates clean stoves and green energy materials that is environment and health-friendly

Car pool solution to reduce traffic density and protect the environment

Supplies organic, natural farming food to improve lives as well as living condition of Vietnamese consumers.

A comprehensive solution on solar water heater

A project to develop green organic fertilizer that helps reduce carbon emission significantly.