VCIC, MOST, MIC, and Thanh Hoa’s Youth Union organized the charity activities before Tet holiday

The spirit of helping each other, particularly the poor and the disadvantaged, has been always a Vietnamese cultural beauty.  On strengthening that spirit, charity programs are continuously held in year around, especially when spring holiday is coming, bringing both material and mental support to disadvantaged people.

To keep and promote this meaningful cultural traditions, VCIC and POC enterprises shoulder to share difficulties with disadvantaged people by donating and participating in the philanthropic activity “Tết ấm tình thân – Xuân thêm hạnh phúc” (literally mean: For a Tet holiday of love and happier spring) on Jan 28, 2018 in Xuan Chinh Commune, Thuong Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province.

The program took place in two days from 27th to 28th January in the series of activities hosted by by Ministry of Science and Technology’s, Ministry of Information and Communication ’s  Youth Union, and Thanh Hoa Province’s Youth Union to intensify knowledge sharing of opportunities and challenges in the Industry 4.0 frontlines and to launch collection support for fellow citizens in upland area.

Xuan Chinh is the poorest out of 17 communes of Thuong Xuan district with extremely poor facilities and has been seriously damaged in the recent storm No. 11. The commune is mainly covered by forests with a low population density (approximately 35 people/km2). Due to the damaging consequences of the storm, the poor transport infrastructure has deteriorated dramatically, making locals’ lives more difficult. Particularly, the source of clean water serving the children in Xuan Chinh’s boarding kindergarten and primary school are severely affected while road leading there is also degraded, making children struggle to go to the school.

*Overview of the charity program “Tết ấm tình thân – Xuân thêm hạnh phúc”. Photo: VCIC

In the program, the volunteer delegation has awarded scholarships to 20 students of Xuan Chinh primary school; offered 30 stalls, 05 boards, 20 warm blankets and other school supplies as well as new-year gifts for Xuan Chinh kindergarten; and 20 new-year gifts for disadvantaged families.

*Mr. Pham Duc Nghiem - Deputy General Director of National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development  (NATEC) cum PMU VCIC Director awarded gifts for difficult families in Xuan Chinh. VCIC Photo

In addition, most of Xuan Chinh commune’s villages are  separated by a few kilometers of land roads which are always wet and full of mud after heavy rain, causing difficulties for traffic and circulation of goods in particular and the locals’ daily life in general. Therefore, the delegation has offered 24 tons of cement to build inter-village roads to help local people travel more convenient. With the support of philanthropists, the donating amount is about 100 million.

*MOST, MIC and Thanh Hoa Province’s Youth Union at the Commencement Ceremony of the inter-village road. Photo: VCIC

To provide practical gifts for upland poor students and households in cold winter, VCIC has received the support of many individuals and organizations including: VCIC staffs; Ms. Dinh Ha Giang - Department of Planning and Finance (MOST); Toan Dien JSC; Tue Minh Commercial and Technology Company; I-nature Sustainable Agriculture Group; Viet Linh Bamboo Processing Company; Green Street Co., LTD; Micro Technology and Environment JSC; Ha Yen JSC; Ho Hoan Cau Co.; and Bao Son Travel Co., Ltd.

These meaningful gifts and donation bring happiness to disadvantaged people.  And for us, the greatest happiness in the program is looking at  Xuan Chinh children’s eyes and smiles.

*Xuan Chinh children in the program. Photo: VCIC

From the bottom of heart, VCIC would like to express the sincere gratitude for all companies, organizations, individuals supporting, donating  accompanying to the charity program “Tết ấm tình thân – Xuân thêm hạnh phúc” to be successful in Xuan Chinh Commune, Thuong Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province.

*Souvernir picture. Photo: VCIC

*Preparation of the gifts. Photo: VCIC 

*Youth Unions presents gifts to the children. Photo: VCIC